An 4-week program FULL of everything you need to totally rock KETO and do it the way it's right for YOU!! Plus a private FB group for guidance and support!

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Have you tried "diets" and sometimes they work, but never long term?

Do you find yourself gaining weight back REALLY FAST after a "diet" and struggling harder after?

Are you certain that your hormones are TOTALLY OUT OF WHACK but you don't know what to do about it?

Have you heard about the keto diet or maybe even dabbled in it, but you just DON'T GET IT?

I am a holistic health coach with a specific desire to help women just like YOU!

I've been there. Even with my experience and my background in health and fitness, I thought I was doing everything right with the calorie counting and over exercising. However, my adrenals bottomed out, my hormones went crazy, I was exhausted and started gaining weight.

We have been taught ALL THE WRONG THINGS!

For me this lifestyle is not just about fitting in my jeans, but so much of it is about long term health and vitality. Keto has become a huge tool for me in dealing with autoimmune symptoms as well.

I used to think the Ketogenic diet was a horrible FAD that would cause health problems. BUT, when I started diving into research myself I was amazed at all the health benefits. Everything from lowering triglycerides, reversing diabetes, lowering blood presser, balancing mood disorders, balancing hormones, helping people sleep better and get rid of systemic inflammation! The list goes on and on and on...

In my virtual class you will learn all of the BASICS to have a successful Keto journey.

You will get meal plans and food lists as well as tools and tips for tracking, testing, and dodging the Keto flu.

However, beyond that, you will learn about stress, sleep, hormones and everything in between.


We need to modify the protocol to fit our individual needs, and this is a HUGE part of what will make it work or not work for YOU.


All of your materials will be in your own virtual classroom PLUS you are part of a private FB group with other women on this journey with you.

I have coached over 100 women through this program, and I LOVE the results I hear constantly:

"I am less puffy"
"I have so much more energy"
"My doctor was amazed with my numbers and told me to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing!"
"I sleep so much better"
"The brain fog is gone!"

"I can't believe I don't crave sugar like I used to"

"I have tried EVERYTHING and this is the only thing that has finally worked for me!"

If you are ready to switch things up in a big way and love the idea of daily support, guidance and a community to travel this road with, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

**Please note that I encourage everyone to take a good solid week to absorb information and really get your head in the game {including getting the junk out of the house!}. So, there is NO pressure to have yourself and your kitchen ready to go on Day 1! You need to take time to get comfortable with how it all works before you officially dive in.

You will receive:

- A keto foods list
- A list of staples that I personally keep on hand
- 8 modules of meal plans (along with recipes) to help you start on your journey
- What supplements you do and do not need
- Lots of information on all the Keto trends so that you can make an informed decision as
to use or not use these products
- How to test for ketones
- How to know track your macros (and if you should or shouldn't)
- Where YOUR macro-nutrients should be for success
- Keto and hormones and how to manage that piece of it for YOU
- How to navigate travel, eating out, holidays and events
- How to navigate exercise and sleep on Keto
- You are invited into my private Keto FB group for women
- and so much more!

Your Instructor

Jessica Parker
Jessica Parker

I hold a masters in Health Psychology. I am also a certified health coach and fitness instructor. I take a holistic, balanced approach to health and fitness. I love hiking, camping, hanging with my family, animals of all kinds, running, snowshoeing, chocolate, coffee, hard cider, snow and mostly, Jesus!

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